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Would you like to improve your flexibility and achieve a healthier posture?...

Poor flexibility and posture is a common cause of pain and discomfort. When muscles are tight and your posture is weak you are also far more prone to injuries like strains, sprains and slipped discs as well as headaches caused by neck and shoulder tension.

Sports Massage techniques offer an effective way to enhance the flexibility of joints, release tension in tight muscles and improve your range of movement. Muscle Energy Techniques are particularly useful in stretching tight hamstrings and calves.

With each Sports Massage you receive a comprehensive postural analysis and corrective exercise plan. Your exercise plan includes simple stretches and movements that can be done in minutes, helping you to loosen where you are too tight, tighten where you are too loose and strengthen where you are too weak.

The end result is a healthier, more balanced and flexible body.

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