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Are you suffering with Neck or Shoulder Pain? Remedial Massage can help...

For most people neck and shoulder pain is a chronic problem caused by sitting at computers, poor posture and incorrect driving position. The muscles in the neck become "hypertonic", meaning they are abnormally rigid, both hampering movement and causing discomfort.

The best way to reduce and even stop neck and shoulder pain is with Remedial Massage - a corrective technique that encourages muscular alignment of the neck muscles that are strained from overuse.

The result? You will feel very relaxed, have increased neck and shoulder mobility and you can get on with your life without discomfort.

Each Remedial Massage treatment goes beyond relieving neck and shoulder pain. Robert will also show you how to manage your posture and movement habits to ensure the pain does not come back.

To book a neck and shoulder massage in Hitchin, Letchworth, Stevenage or Herts please email rob@hitchinsportsmassage.co.uk.

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