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The service Rob offers is very convenient and fits perfectly into my life. He is punctual, reliable and accommodating helping me prepare my body for the marathon. I always feel my tension being released and my muscles re-energised! Thanks.
Bruce, Hitchin

After getting treatment from Hitchin Sports Massage I felt immediate pain relief and with the rehabilitation exercises and stretching I am now able to train pain free.
Henry, Walkern

I recently underwent a sports massage by Robert who, very conveniently, is based in a central location in Hitchin, and I would like to say that he was extremely professional, competent and knowledgeable. The massage I received was very helpful in easing my injured shoulder and greatly relaxed the tight muscles in my legs. As a bonus, following this massage I had the best night's sleep I'd had in a very long while! I would thoroughly recommend Robert's skills to anyone having pain or discomfort due to muscle problems.
Steve, South Bedfordshire

As I do a lot of sport I found Rob's massages were exactly what was required. I would go from having tight thighs and calves to a knotted back dependant on what I had been doing. Rob offered a very polite and professional service. I always felt comfortable and at ease and was therefore able to relax and enjoy the massage. Rob knew which areas of my back to work when they were tense and knotted. The massage was deep but never too painful. I always felt relaxed and refreshed after.
Gail, Stevenage

Having suffered with a painful shoulder for 3 weeks and unable to take part in my regular body combat, body pump and boxing classes whilst also having difficulty picking up my children, I received a massage from Robert to help alleviate the enormous discomfort and tenderness I was feeling.

Robert was professional and took the time to explain what he was doing and why, leaving me feeling comfortable and relaxed. The massage had an impact immediately and Robert also suggested a few stretches and movements I could do to keep my shoulder mobile. Within a few days I was back in my fitness classes and able to carry around my children with ease. Hitchin Sports Massage offers an excellent service that I can thoroughly recommend to anyone in need of massage.
Kate, Bedford

I first saw Robert while training for my first 10k. My legs always felt tight before the treatment. As a new runner my legs were feeling tight and had become heavy. Robert was very thorough and checked my legs for any tightness, always explaining what he was doing. After the treatment my legs felt like new, light and energised. My next run felt fantastic. Robert has a great bedside manner and is always shows the utmost respect putting me at ease at every session. I would recommend anyone to see Robert.
Wendy, Hitchin

I found Robert when my usual therapist was unavailable. After suffering an achy and tight back and neck after a work injury Robert assessed my spine movement and felt tightness in my muscles. He found sore points my other massage therapist didn’t and my pain soon started to resolve. I still see Robert from time to time and his professionalism never falters.
Stacey, Hitchin

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